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The three Abrahamic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam believe that God created the universe and human beings as well as other animals and plants, and that God loves his creation. […]

What impact can stars have on us?

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When you gaze into the sky in the night depending on where you are, what will catch your attention are numerous stars glittering. You should also know that the Sun […]

Is there other Universe?

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We don’t know. The universe is so vast that we are just beginning to understand it even though we have made remarkable progress in comprehending it. Within the universe, there […]

Is there life after death?

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Death is the end of life and this apply to all humans and animals alike. Plants also die at the end of their lifespan. When we die our bodies decompose […]

Who is the first human on Earth?

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Sometimes, it might come to mind to ask the above question, many people believe that they have already known the first human since their religions have already explained it. But […]