Can we reverse our age?

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Human beings as well as other animals use to age and become depreciated over time. When you are born, you come out a baby but with time you continue to grow and later mature to a man or woman. The same happen to animals too. Later we become old with all our past depreciating over time and we will eventually die. What a tragedy. But when you observe the sky in the night, everything looks the same the way you observe it when you are young. Do we really age? Observing our physical structure, it is true we age but our mind remain active not showing a sign of aging. In our own habitable planet, the earth, it seems that we have resigned to our fate that we must age and die. But the universe is full of surprises. Our life expectancy has risen compared to the olden days. Many diseases can now be treated in health facilities and many other diseases can be prevented and there is readiness to combat an unknown disease that will eventually break out in the future. All these show that humans have improved scientifically, science is still in its infancy, and whatever that has been achieved today will be so minute compared to other scientific advances that will emerge in the future. Yes aging probably will be reversed in the future. The people who will be living then will have the opportunity to determine whether they want to remain in their 20s or 30s without affecting their state of their mind.