Do we have Satan causing disunity and other problems on Earth?

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The concept of Satan or Satan particle is very popular in the world today. Many people of different races as well as different religion and faith believe that Satan was responsible for all the evil things that happens in the world today. When there is an earthquake, it is Satan, when someone dies, It is Satan, in the case of a disease it is Satan, when atrocities are committed, it must be Satan. People always remove human responsibility in the cause of devastating events in the world, even when individuals commit various offenses; it is blamed on Satan or the Devil whichever name one chooses.

The believe of Satan or Devil is totally based out of ignorance. The reason is this:

  1. The Earth is a very dangerous place considering various natural devastating events that is associated with the planet. The Earth is not alone, Mercury and Venus are also planets in our Solar System that is extremely hot because of heir nearness to the Sun. Earth quakes are necessary at times to stabilize the Earth
  2. Human beings and other animals are not programmed to behave in a particular way they are not mobile phones that can be programmed. However because of independence of human behaviors, human endeavors are totally unpredictable and dangerous.
  3. Humans contribute immensely to many damages on earth, cutting of trees, killing of animals, initiating and executing wars, committing genocide, nationalism, damaging the environment, racism, religious extremism are just few of atrocities human beings are capable of doing.
  4. It is very likely that human beings can end life on earth through the use of nuclear weapons.
  5. The concept of Satan is initiated by humans in order to find excuses for their misdeed. Naturally human beings always want to find someone to lay blame for their inefficiencies and failures. This happens on a day to day basis.
  6. Courts are founded so that individuals and groups can be held responsible for any adverse action that comes from them. No responsible government can base their judgment on the existence of Satan in the administration of justice.

It is time to stop blaming Satan; we have to recognize that whatever that is happening to us is partly from us and partly from our planet of which we have no control over. All the natural disasters we face today have been devastating our planet for millions of years. Let’s not forget that the dinosaurs live for 150 million years on this earth before humans emerged on earth. We will continue to face disasters on earth until humans can find a way of escaping to other planets in the outer space in the far future.