Is it possible for humans to live on Earth forever?

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Absolutely not. Before human beings evolved on the planet Earth, reptiles called Dinosaurs had lived on Earth for more than 100million years. Dinosaurs became extinct in about 60 million years ago when an asteroid hit the Earth. More than 99% of all living animals were killed or became extinct.

The earth is still faced with the same scenario. An asteroid will one day hit the earth or something we might not have imagined will still happen that will still sweep humans from Earth. By and large science has contributed immensely to the protection of humans in the past century.

The devastating effects of floods, hurricanes as well as other natural disasters were seriously minimized as a result of weather and other scientific prediction and forecasting. Even with all these, humans cannot live on earth forever. But there is good news; Astronomers are continuously looking for other habitable planets in our galaxy, the Milky Way and other galaxies in the Universe.

The most viable option that can guarantee the survival of humans and other animals is by spreading into space, by living in other habitable planets in the Universe. There are many problems that is associated with this, the speed in which we can travel is still limited and for the fact that we cannot travel more than the speed of light. Light travel 300,000 kilometers in a second. That notwithstanding we can still make it to the stars.