Is it right for humans to kill animals, after all animals also kill animals for food and for other reasons?

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Humans have been killing animals for centuries. We kill animals for food as well as for security especially when we are threatened. Most interestingly, human beings also kill human beings for many reasons and there are also cases when humans kill other humans for food and delicacy. Even today there are some corners of the world where cannibalism or human eating still thrives. Though their governments are aware of this development, many still pretend as if such practices do not exist.

We humans are not different from other mammals or other animals. In fact we have so many things in common. We are born into this world and at a point we die. In between both humans and other animals are aware of the dangers that loom in our environment and both have developed ways to avoid them.

But the intelligence of humans put them above other animals. Human develop the capabilities to defend themselves against other animals, trap them and kill them. As a result of frailty of humans, insecurity observed in human environment as well as the need to associate with something, humans started inventing religion and today hundreds of religion exist in the world. Interestingly humans stated categorically that their respective Gods gave them dominion over animals so that they can do whatever they like to them, use them for eating and delicacies.

If one should go into history, during the time of slavery, some white humans do not regard black colored humans as human beings, they go to Africa to capture the blacks and use them as slaves. Some of the activities are justified by the Holy books of their religion. Slavery has been in existence for many centuries even before the Europeans came to Africa. Among themselves there are human beings and slaves. Anyone that fall into the category of a slave, was not treated as human beings, some are even killed. This is because a slave is regarded as ones property.

It was through human effort especially the effrontery of the British Government that helped put an end to slavery. But let’s not forget that slavery still exist in the world today.

But we humans are missing a point. The consumption of animal flesh open possibilities for different diseases already known to us as well as other diseases and viruses that are yet to come and find abode in our system.

Human beings are very destructive, they kill animals and destroy trees and forest, giving justification for their actions. Can you imagine if humanoids from other planets from unknown galaxy with superior intelligence should conquer us and use us for food? Can you imagine being tied to a stake waiting to die just to satisfy the delicacies of an alien? And when you ask them why they are killing humans and the reply you hear from them is that their Holy book justify the killing of humans for food and religious rituals?

Killing of animals for foods and religious rituals is not desirable. We need to think and put ourselves in the hoofs of these animals. Eating of fruits and vegetables are more nutritious and wade off different kind of diseases.  We can research and find a way so that we can only eat once a year or more. The universe is full of surprises and there are many discoveries waiting for us to make our lives better.