Is it true that humans commit sin or crime?

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Yes and no.  Sin is used to depict the attitude of humans against the established norms, guidelines or culture. It is the red line one must not cross. It is generally associated with religion. There are general guidelines, commandments or rules laid down by each religion; it can even include what one is not expected to say. It is very relative when someone commits a sin; punishment has been stipulated to debar the person from committing such act in the future and forewarn others from committing such acts. For some sin committed, no punishment is stipulated as only God is suppose to adjudicate, someone need to atone for the sin committed.

However, crime is the modern term used by states or countries. While some sins does not fit into crime, some countries especially the ones ruled by the jurisdiction of religious laws, mingled both crime and sin together. One man was sentenced to death in Pakistan for saying that the prophet of his religion is not religious before the age of 40 years. Such declaration or speech has no place in all the Western countries where the state and religion are separated.

Crime on the other hand, reflect the no go area or red line which a resident or citizen of a country must not cross and when crossed, a specific punishment will be administered as laid down by the criminal code or guideline.

But do we really commit crime or sin? Let us look at other animals. Humans are mammals which is a branch of other animals. Can we accuse other animals of committing crime? Absolutely not. Why? It is because of our perception that they are not intelligent like human beings and they are wild. Being wild means they can kill themselves at will, destroy their habitat without any recourse to punishment.

Let us look at humans in another perspective.

  1. Human brains function independently and not interconnected, therefore human don’t agree on almost everything and this lead to disagreement.
  2. Human beings may not be intelligent as widely claimed. Our level of intelligence may be very low. A very good example is that one man can persuade millions to commit atrocities. Adolf Hitler led thousand of Germans to murder millions of humans with the notion that they are superior to other human races. If humans are intelligent no single human will follow him. Islamic State is another example with their members murdering civilians on religious ground.
  3. Humans are slave to their environment. Many humans only know their environment and stories being relayed to them by their fore parents. They believe them without investigation to ascertain the truth. The whole world exists in their environment.
  4. Despite the food prospective provided by the planet Earth, more than 60% of world population still live in poverty.
  5. The struggle for survival against death, disease and poverty characterize every human being on Earth. Despite the fact that each state claim to protect their citizens, most human beings have no access to medical care: many die without any notice by the government or the community in which they live.
  6. The survival of the fittest. This world is full of deceit and more than half of the world population struggle everyday to put food into their stomach. In order to do this and satisfy other requirement, people outdo others, thereby committing criminal activities.
  7. Even those who are claiming innocence have outdone others but they are very smart to have kept it secret, those in the helm of affairs are the worst. Because they are in the helm of affairs, they routinely use state apparatus to victimize and dominate other people.
  8. Human beings live under illusion, they are more influenced by what is not true than what is true. They can hardly distinguish between the two. You can hold human beings hostage if you can provide for his needs and telling him fanciful stories. This cast a great cloud and doubt whether humans are intelligent, perhaps whatever humans do is based on instincts.