Is there life after death?

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Death is the end of life and this apply to all humans and animals alike. Plants also die at the end of their lifespan. When we die our bodies decompose or mummify depending on the temperature. These processes also happen to other animals. But before humans emerge on planet earth, the fossils of dinosaurs proved to us that other animals have inhabited the earth millions of years ago and have become extinct. The question is, do they have another life after their demise?
The issue of life after death is very prominent in religious circles especially Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. Some Hindus believe in reincarnation while the Christians and Muslims believe that the soul of the dead will either go to heaven or to hell which is a place of torment. Heaven or Paradise is considered a place of peace and comfort reserved for people who have done good things on earth. Some religion also believe that if a good person should die, the person will have the opportunity to come back to the world to live in a place of comfort but those that does bad on earth can be reincarnated into animals like goats, dogs etc.
Science have taken the issue of life seriously but it is discovered that human beings are so selfish about life after death believing that humans are the only beneficiaries of life after death while neglecting the fate of other animals.
What science has discovered is that there is no evidence that human will survive his death or live another life after death. The study of astronomy can make us to really understand how the universe came about and the laws governing the universe. We humans are living under illusions of life after death but the fact is very bitter. When humans and other animals die, everything about such humans and animals die. The laws of science as apply on earth and our solar system also apply in the universe.
While we scan the universe and see various galaxies and nebula and other heavenly bodies, we know with great probability that we are not alone in the universe, that somewhere in our galaxy or other galaxies, in a planet already known to us or unknown to us, there are beings which may or may not look like us, are living with other living beings or organism.
Any place of comfort that look like the heaven we might imagine do not exist as whatever applies here also apply in other places in the universe with only little modification.
We are all free to believe whatever we like but the truth may be bitter at times. What is important is for us to let our deeds have positive impact on all living beings in our planet because for now we are all victims
There is no evidence of heaven or hell or that a person reincarnates. We are living under such illusions.