Is there other Universe?

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We don’t know. The universe is so vast that we are just beginning to understand it even though we have made remarkable progress in comprehending it. Within the universe, there are billions of galaxies and each galaxy has billions or trillions of stars.
The distance between one star to the other is remarkably vast and our quest to move from our star – the Sun to other Star System is an uphill task because our present day technology cannot cope with such expedition. If we have such an uphill task to cross from one star system to the other, you can now imagine our near impossibility to move from our galaxy – the Milky Way to another galaxy.
If there are billions of stars in a galaxy, and there are billions or trillions of galaxies, one can assume that our universe might not be the only one. Possibly there are billions of Universes. To know for sure is an impossibility we might have to cope with.