What impact can stars have on us?

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When you gaze into the sky in the night depending on where you are, what will catch your attention are numerous stars glittering. You should also know that the Sun is also a star. Let us have a look at our star, the Sun , the Sun is a moderate star and moderately hot, there are many stars that are bigger and some  hotter than the Sun, while  some stars are hustling in space. Unknown to us stars collide with each other emitting massive radiation. The collision of two stars within some distance of our solar system can kill all living things on Earth as well as bacteria. Stars are also known to explode, this is known as supernova.

Even our star,  the Sun give massive flares that occasionally have impact on the temperature on the earth. We have to understand that whatever happens in the sky can have serious consequences on us and the more we have understanding of the space, we can save humanity as well as other animals and our planet – the Earth.