Who is the first human on Earth?

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Sometimes, it might come to mind to ask the above question, many people believe that they have already known the first human since their religions have already explained it. But there are different accounts and stories depending on where you are. The most familiar among the Jews, Christians and Muslims is the man called Adam. Their three different holy books explained how Adam was created from the dust. Other traditional religions have adopted the story after Christianity and Islam made inroad into their community. Apart from this there are many other accounts depending of tribe and culture of the people. But is there any evidence to show that all these accounts are true? Believers of these accounts believe these stories since these stories are being told many years ago as well as appearing in their religious books. What do we know? Different accounts have been believed for centuries until science waded into the issue as well as different studies devoted to the issue. If the Bible account is to be taken into consideration, the Man called Adam lived about 6,000 years ago, one can calculate through the number of years each prominent individual in the Bible lived until the time of Jesus. The chronicles is well spelt out, then you can calculate the remaining to the present time. The situation changed when Archeologist, Anthropologist and Paleontologist made different revealing discoveries. These discoveries actually impacted into our beliefs and many find it difficult to accept despite compelling evidence. As science can now successfully determine the age of rock, bones and many materials’ that are found on earth as well as other heavenly bodies, it marks the great milestone in our lives. Human fossils were found in different part of the world. Bones, skulls and other human remains were found in caves in Africa, Asia and other areas, another interesting part is that human remains were found embedded in rocks. Scientists were called in to determine the age of these human remains. Many of the results and discoveries are quite fascinating. Some were discovered to be over 3 million years, some about 100,000 years and some over 1 to 2 million years. Science also discovered that there are different types of human species.

The first man or woman on earth will never be known. The fact is that the first man and woman are not Adam or Eve as being canvassed or stipulated in many books or any person as canvassed by many tribes and tradition. Many human species once lived in the jungle until Homo Sapien, a human species then outlived others. As you are reading this book a new human bone or fossils are being examined as new evidence continue to come about human evolution. It is everybody’s responsibility not to just believe anything because it is religious based or ethnically based but use our brain and reason before we believe and we should not forget to ask questions and display our sense of curiosity.