Why are we having difficulties on earth like wars, flood, volcanoes, earthquakes etc?

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It is very sad for us to be having many difficulties and problems. It is the wish of all to live peacefully on earth but the reverse is the case. Why? Our planet is a very dangerous place to live and if anyone promise that there is a mechanism that will allow us to live peacefully without any challenge such individuals, group or organization is only decieving us.
We must not forget that dinosaurs had occupied or inhabited our planet – the earth before they became extinct. When they were here they faced different challenges ranging from earthquakes, flood, volcanoes, tsunamis, the same challenges we are facing today. Apart from this, the sky or the space face a very formidable challenge in that whatever happen in the sky can have a devastating impact on us. One can continue to wonder, why is it so?
Flood, Earthquakes, Volcanoes and other disasters are natural phenomena. When these natural disasters occurs they claim thousands of lives, it should have claimed millions of lives if not for scientific improvement in forecasting and predicting these disasters. Dig a hole in a ground and wait for about a week and what you will notice is that the hole will collapse. Why?
The earth is continually adjusting itself. This is to show you that the earthquake is real. The situation is further aggravated where two templates of the earth meets. These areas always witness earthquakes. Earthquakes that occur under the sea can cause a tsunami - a situation where water is pushed out of the sea in a massive waves to flood the dry ground. Countries like Indonesia, Iran, China, Japan, Chile, Haiti, Philippines all live in earthquake zones. Earthquakes cannot be prevented and as long as humans live in these zone, they will continuously fall victims of the natural disaster.
The seas and the oceans also pose dangers to us. Hurricanes, typhoons and storms always occur and cost counts of human lives.
War is a man made phenomenon. Every human evolve to think independently, he is captivated by his environment, tribes, beliefs among others. That means we don’t agree on most things. Even within the same households and families disagreement arise which might lead to negative impact. These disagreement graduate to national and international crisis. Human beings can fight over nothing, rumors can ultimately lead to war and infighting. As long as humans live on this planet, there will be wars. However war is not limited to human beings even animals like chimpanzees are known to fight wars with other chimpanzees over territories, Baboons and other animals find themselves in similar situation.
Disagreement and wars will never end, it is something that human and other beings have to live with. It will never stop. Even if human wants and needs are satisfied, humans will still find excuse to go to war. We must remember that human wants cannot be satisfied. But human hope must be with science rather than any other belief. Scientific research must be concentrated on why human goes to the extend of trying to destroy each other. We must treat this as a disease which science can treat. We are confident that in the not far distance, science will have answer to this by designing an antidote for this.