Will the Earth come to an end?

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There is no doubt that the world as we know it as well as we will know it in the future will come to an end. There are many ways that our world or life can come to an end on earth.

  1. We have to know that the dinosaurs once inhabited the earth for millions of years before something happened and they became extinct. Evidences have been found to show that the earth has been hit by asteroids. There are many reasons to believe that an asteroid will hit the earth in the distant future will can take away all lives on earth.
  2. The most probably way in which life can end on earth is through the activities of humans themselves. Many countries now possess nuclear weapons which is capable of destroying all lives on earth. If war breaks out between two nuclear countries which will probably happen, one will probably use nuclear weapons in order to achieve quick victory or to wade off defeat. It is possible that humans will probably end life on earth.
  3. The sun will die. The sun is a star and the giver of life on earth. Without the sun no life will exist. If the sun should die then there will be no life on earth. The question is, how do we know that the sun will die? If you look into the sky, you will observe thousands or millions of stars that spread across the sky. Astronomers have studied these stars for many years and with the help of Hubble telescope stars are seen to die, first expanding to a red star and eventually become small. Stars have their own life span and will eventually die. You don’t need to panic yet our sun (which is our star) can still stand over 1 billion years before it dies.
  4. The universe itself will expand forever, making the universe become darker. Our universe is still young and still has about 6 billion years for this to happen. In the event that the universe becomes darker, no life will exist in the universe. Some scientists have suggested that the universe will retract and bounce back again. Even if this is to happen such retraction will still wipe out life on earth as well as other habitable planets in the universe.